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New species: Cambarus (T.) stockeri Proc. Bio. Soc. Washington, 124(4): 318-325. Cambarus (T.) stockeri 2011.pdf

Future Project:

The Crayfish Conservation Fund

I am endeavoring to create a non profit dedicated to raising funds for crayfish research. I hope in the near future to be able to provide funding assistance to researchers studying aspects of crayfish conservation. Funding for researchers is available but frequently there is a requirement that the researcher provide 25 to 50% of the value of the project. Many scientist are not able to make this commitment and thus cannot obtain the funding available. The Crayfish Conservation Fund will place a premium on providing funding to meet the in-kind needs of researchers that have the opportunity of being funded but lack monies for in-kind project value. More on this effort will be provided in the future.

New species: Cambarus (J.) magerae Proc. Bio. Soc. Washington, 128(1):11-21.Cambarus magerae final.pdf

Cambarus adustus - Dusky Mudbug

Cambarus adustus - new species.pdf 

Thoma, Fetzner, Stocker, & Loughman. 2016. Cambarus (Jugicambarus) adustus, a new species of crayfish from northeastern Kentucky delimited from the Cambarus (J.) aff. dubius species complex. Zootaxa 4162 (1): 173-187.

The Interview Part 1: Interview Part 1.mp3

The Interview Part 2: Interview Part 2.mp3