2011 field collections


This last year was an extraordinary year for me. I would never have thought that after a heart attack in 2004 and the installation of a pacemaker/defibrillator in 2009 (not to mention that I’m now 60) that I would be getting more field work done then ever. Considering that I have spent 40 summers making collections of fish and/or crayfish, that’s saying something. Below is a map of most of the sites I visited this past summer.

I worked on 5 projects in 2011: a road siting project in Tennessee, a stream habitat restoration project in Kentucky, a life history study of Cambarus eeseeohensis in North Carolina, a conservation status survey of Virginia’s Tier III, IV, & V crayfish species, and a distribution/genetics study of Cambarus dubius in Virginia. Dr. James W. Fetzner is my collaborator on the 2 Virginia projects. Jim is currently (January 2012) analyzing some of the 1,125 tissue samples I collected.


In 2011 I made over 218 individual collections, a new personal best for me

(Image: Grandmother Creek, Avery County, NC).