My 15 year old crayfish


Cambarus (Lacunicambarus) diogenes cf.

Collected 23 March 2001; Hall Ditch of Patoka River Gibson County, Indiana. When collected this specimen was actually an egg on a gravid female. I brought the female back to my lab and her eggs later hatched. I raised several of the young. Most died early on but two survived a year. I kept these two individuals in my lab and feed them a diet of shrimp pellets, carrots, maple leaves, and meal worms. One of the individuals died two years ago during a molt. The specimens illustrated in the above picture is currently alive as of this date (31 March 2016). It is a male and has gone through first form and second form molts. It is currently second form. He has lost and regenerated both of his chelae over the last three years.

Cambarus (Eribicambarus) tenebrosus

Collected 21 May 2001; Spring’s Spring Cave of Stampers Creek, Patoka River basin Orange County, Indiana. This specimen was also an egg on a gravid female when collected. Again several individuals were retained after hatching and again only two survived the first year. One of the two died during a molt several years ago. The specimen illustrated is deceased as of 18 November 2014. It was raised on the same diet as the Cambarus (L.) diogenes cf. figured above. It was a female and was first form as its glare glands were developed at the time of its passing.

I guess I shouldn’t have fed her so much, maybe she wouldn’t have needed to molt. Please send your condolences to:

She’s already had a burial “at sea” in the bathroom.

Deceased 18 NOV 2014